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Here is chapter one of a new story I wrote. Let me know if you want me to post more as I write.************************Chapter 1Jack was a special horse. He was a genetic experiment that went wrong. He, along with three other horses that were a part of the same failed experiment was released from the lab by a group of animal activists. As the activists were making their get away when a tire on the truck with the horses blew out and ran off the road. The vehicle turned over and hit a tree opening the door to the horses. All four horses survived and ran off in separate directions. Jack wondered for a day or two to a farm that a young widow owned. The farm was small and the 30 year old woman didn’t have any animals, only a corn crop. Millie was started a little to come out of the house and find a large horse standing outside her door. Millie was no stranger to horses, but was still none the less startled not being around them regularly. Now here was one. Over the next few days, Millie tried to find out if anyone around was missing a horse. She even put an ad in the paper without any luck. “So I guess you’re mine if I want you.” Millie was sure he belonged to someone because Jack had a nametag around his neck. It looked almost like those wristbands you get at the hospital, but much larger. Still with all the searching, there was no answer from anyone to claim this fine animal. Millie decided to keep Jack. She got lonely from time to time since her husband past away a couple of years back. She never dated, primarily due to lack of choices in such a small community way out in the country and the job of running the farm on her own. It would be nice to have some companionship she thought. About a week went by and Jack was in his make shift stall in the barn. He wasn’t tied or corralled in, so he could come and go as he pleased. Millie didn’t know much about keeping a horse except for feeding and grooming that she pickup out of some books purchased. One night Jack smelled something in the air that caught his attention. This smell trigged something within him like an automatic response to a situation. He wandered out of the barn and towards the house that was about 100 feet away. Millie was dead sleep from working the fields all day. However, Millie would masturbate in her sleep. She never wore any clothes to bed; she didn’t see a reason for it. She would have erotic dreams that would give her intense pleasure. So much, she would soak the bed sheets. This was one of those nights and Jack must have caught the smell. Jack bumped the door to the house with his muzzle and it opened. He moved into the single level home and towards the source of that smell. The smell must have been arousing to Jack as his penis was half out of its sheath and starting to pulsate with each beat of his heart. Millie was sleep with her head slightly hanging off the foot of the bed. She would shuffle about quite a bit when she had one of her erotic dreams. It was end of spring and it was hot, so she had no covers on. There was a fan in the corner of the bedroom that brought some comfort, but there was power failure earlier that took that bit of pleasure away. The only light was from a bright moon lit night. Jack wandered through the spartan furnished house. He had trouble getting through the doorways of the old farm house due to his size. He eventually made his way to the bedroom that Millie was sleeping in. The smell here was strong, what he wants must be in here. Jack sniffed the air over to Millie’s still form. The bed was in the middle of the room with the head against one wall. Millie’s head was still half hanging off the foot of a bed that was devoid of covers or even a pillow. I don’t know if you could call it a bed. It was a beat up, worn out mattress on top of a creaky old box spring, all sitting on top of concrete blocks about two feet high, making the bed about three feet high. Oh, by the way, it was filthy. It didn’t really stink, but it was badly stained. Sometimes Millie was so tired from the fields she would just collapse on the bed and fall asleep. If she was muddy, then so was the bed. It looks like she would pull it out and hose it off, let it dry, then put it back. Millie was a good size woman, very sturdy. She stood a little over six feet with wide hips and at least a DD cup breasts. Her firm breasts stood very much upright while she slept on her back. Minutes before Jack came in Millie had an orgasm in her sleep, so her sex was wet. The bed was narrow, it almost looked homemade, and it probably was. Jack bent his head down and sniffed at her face. Millie responded in her sleep by trying to kiss up towards Jack. Jack momentarily pulled his head up slightly, but put it back down curious as to what his new owner would do. She reacted again by trying to kiss Jack. Jack let her have her way and was soon greeted by Millie’s tongue. Jack reacted by slowly french kissing his tongue into her mouth. The two kept this up for several minutes until Jack broke the kiss to continue searching for that smell. He bumped her breasts as he stepped forwards, sniffing down her torso. His legs were bumping the foot of the bed, so he spread his front legs slightly to continue his journey forwards. Soon he arrived at what he was looking for. He started licking where the smell was coming from. The effect of Millie’s scent on him was causing his penis to swell further. As his cock grew it would twitch up once and a while. The head of his cock was right above Millie’s head when it started to drip a thick pre cum. Jack knew that his pre cum would make him irresistible to any female horse he encountered and believed this human would be no different. His pre cum was releasing a pheromone from its scent. As the pre cum dripped on Millie’s face, it started to have its desired affect. Jack was a big horse, about six feet tall at his back, so he no trouble lowering his head into Millie’s cunt.He started lapping in long slow strokes. The sensation Millie felt in her sleep made her body think it was part of one of her erotic dreams. Her mouth would open in a silent moan of pleasure as her orgasm approached. With Jack’s cock head right above her face, some of his pheromone laden pre cum dribbled into her open mouth. The hormones that was included in the pre cum slowly started to have an effect on her body. Her cunt started to gap open giving Jack more access to what he was looking for. As a result, his penis lengthened right towards Millie’s open mouth. Once the tip touched her lips, her mouth opened further and her tongue stuck out to pull it in. Jack needed no coaching here; he dipped his hips down and pushed the cock head into her mouth. He pre cum started to really flow and Millie reactively swallowed every drop. The pheromones and hormones were continuing to have an affect on Millie. Her breast started to enlarge. The growth was slow, but definite. Jack was feeding Millie his pre cum for about 20 minutes now and she went from a DD to a DDD cup. Millie’s clit started to enlarge also. Her clit was now the size of a Vienna sausage. She always had a large clit, but now it was twice the usual size. Jack was now at the point he wanted release. His testicles were the size of watermelons each, ready to burst with baby batter. Jack was genetically created to be the ultimate stud horse to create a perfect breed like himself. The experiment was a failure as his mutating sperm failed to get any mares pregnant. With his cock head still in Millie’s sucking mouth, the urge to release was rapidly coming. Unable to control himself, Jack squatted a little more and pushed himself slowly further into his owner’s mouth. With her head half hanging off the bed, this aligned her throat with his cock. As if Millie knew what was coming, she started taking deep breaths through her nose. Jack pushed harder and plugged his cock head into the back of Millie’s throat. The feeling was incredible to Jack. None of the mares did this. Pausing for a few seconds, he continued to push in until half of his 22 inch cock was in her gullet. Jack pulled out until is cock head was in her mouth, and then pushed back in. He did this four or five more times while Millie caught breaths on the return stroke. Now he started to plunge deeper until her teeth became uncomfortable on his cock. By this time Jack had about 18 inches in her. As his cock expanded from the pleasure he was receiving, he got stuck in her throat. The pressure on his ballooning cock head was too much. His balls tightened up and pushed about a quart of horse cum down his cock. Tensing up, his cock erupted down Millie’s throat. Jack pushed is cock in Millie’s throat so far that the thickness dislocated her jaw, teeth be damned. His balls smacked Millie is the head as his cum rush deposited his potent semen into her belly. After about 30 seconds, Jack sensed the discomfort of his mistress as she started to squirm and gasp for breath. Jack loved the way this female felt and would want more of her later, so he didn’t want to ruin her. He reluctantly pulled his still ejaculating cock from her throat and mouth. Jack then rested his cock between her now massive breasts and finished blowing the rest of his load in her breast valley and down her belly. Millie lay on the bed coughing for air. After she regained normal breathing she turned over and fell off the bed. Luck would have it that she hit her chin on the corner of one of those concrete blocks that held up the bed and pushed her jaw back into place. Jack proceeded to lie on the floor next to the bed to rest a bit for round two. Millie woke up early the next morning. She usually sleeps in Saturday mornings since she didn’t work the fields on the weekends. When she woke up she noticed something was different, a couple of things were different. He jaw was sore. Her breasts were noticeable bigger. She was very horny, more so than usual. That was when she notice Jack in her room next to the bed. He was lying on his side and his huge penis was hanging out, flaccid. Jack noticed Millie waking up. He raised his head to look at her as if to say good morning. Millie in her horny fog went over to Jack and gave him a hug around the neck. She proceeded to give him a kiss on the nose when Jack flicked out his tongue. “You naughty horse,” she exclaimed. Then she noticed his cock was slowly seeping some clear fluid from the tip. Not knowing anything about horse anatomy, she picked up his cock near the tip. She was surprised that she needed both hands and the weight of it. Out of concern for her pet she inspected it closer. The scent from the dribbling liquid was unknowingly to her making her hornier. Combined with the pre cum she drank earlier that morning turned her into a slave for the horses pleasure. As if her body was on automatic, she licked the clear liquid off his cock head. Millie stopped momentarily to look at Jack’s cock. A horse’s cock was so unusual looking, but very attractive at that moment. Millie took the spongy head into her mouth and began to suck and was rewarded with a greater flow of pre cum which she drank down greedily. As she sucked, his penis became erect. Millie started to have an uncontrollable desire to mate with this beast. As she sucked on the tip, she rubbed her hand over his massive scrotum. The pheromones and hormones were making Millie a little light headed, the room started spinning. The dose she was getting was enough for a full grown mare, not a human woman. Still horny, she felt she should lie down for just a few minutes. She lay on her bed flat on her stomach, but propped up some due to her breast growth. Jack stood on all four legs and assessed the situation. He proceeded to move over her like he did earlier that morning while she slept. His massive penis bent down and he nuzzled the head of his cock into Millie’s thighs. Jack’s pre cum was still flowing and was lubricating Millie’s groin. Her head still spinning, she was in no position to stop him, even if she wanted to. Jack started little hunching motions into Millie’s thighs. He recognized from being with the mares that the head of his cock was right against the opening to Millie’s maidenhood. With the pre cum still flowing, Jack pushed the spongy six inch across head of his cock inside her cunt. Eight inches of his four inch wide cock followed inside also. Millie started to groan. Never had she been so full of cock, and more was still to come. Her dizziness greatly reduced she turned to look back at what was happening. She saw this huge dark brown rod connecting the Jack’s groin to hers. Millie’s vagina started to spasm and go into convulsions as she started to cum like never before. Jack pulled back until nothing but his massive cock head was left, then he proceeded to push back inside, this time going a little deeper. Each time he pulled back and then pushed forward, he would push almost an extra inch inside. The more he pushed into Millie, the wider it would get. When Jack was at ten inches in, he was spreading her cunt five inches wide. Jack was thrusting slowly, almost sensually. Jack was relishing the feelings Millie was giving him. It was all about him, it always was. Jack wanted a good f*** and this woman was giving it to him. The pheromones were making sure of that. If she had an orgasm, then fine, if not, as long as he got his. Jack continued to push his cock more and more into Millie. At 18 inches in, Jack is about six inches thick. Eventually he buried his cock in as far as it would go then develop a steady in and out rhythm pulling out only about half before pushing back in. Jack kept this up for nearly an hour. His pre cum soaked the bed with its stickiness. He sped up his thrusting, bouncing his groin off Millie’s meaty ass, making them quiver and make a slapping noise as his body collided with hers. Jack’s balls started to contract, getting their load ready for delivery. He pushed harder into Millie’s backside, as if trying to get deeper. Millie felt him at the entrance to her cervix. Jack felt it too. He knew this is where he wants to put his sperm. As he pushed, her cervix would open a little more each time he hit it. Jack pushed and held it in. He pushed harder and put the weight of his body into hers. The box spring on the bed was creaking under the weight of this thousand pound animal pushing down steadily. Jack started jerking against her cervix and popped the head of his cock inside. Once that happened, about three or four inches of cock went in behind it. Millie never felt this way before and couldn’t imagine having sex with anyone else. The pheromones have that effect. Once Jack felt the snug fit around his cock right behind the head his balls let go. Millie felt his cock twitch and then start pulsating. Seconds later she felt is hot cum rush into her uterus. The sperm started to squeeze out and lube Jack’s cock further and made it easier to slide in a few inches deeper into her uterus. Once Jack was spent, he pulled his cock slowly out. The big slick, slimy cock withdrawing was giving Millie orgasmic after shocks. Once the still sizable head popped out, Millie had another orgasm. The combined effects of the orgasm and the pheromones caused her to pass out. She would sleep for nearly eight hours before she would wake up, believing it all was a dream. She would later find out it was real.End of Chapter 1

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